Sunday, July 14, 2002

What I bought today: 2 grande cups of coffee and a pound of Arbabian Mocha Sanani at Starbucks. $15.95/lb. what a splurge. And a chocolate croissant and a classic coffe cake, for my wife. I ate the croissant. In honor of Bastille Day. There are two women working at my Starbucks on Sunday mornings who I like. Funny and a little bit crazy. Crazy enough that you can have a fun conversation with them. Also, have you ever noticed how impressed people are when you say croissant in its french style, rolling that r. But here's another thing: theoretically you get a free cup of coffe whenever you order a cup of coffee. but i think this is one of those Starbucks rules that not every barista learns. Sometimes i get the free cup of coffee and sometimes i don't and i haven't been confident enough about knowing that that's a Starbucks policy to make a stink if they don't offer me a free cup. but now i think i will. You know these are the people who've trained us the consumer how to properly order our coffee by yelling it out loud to the person running the steam machine. so, if they're going to do that, maybe they should turn over the rule book to us as well so we know what we're entitled to as consumers. did you know you were entitled to a free cup of coffee with your purchase of a pound of coffee? go wild.

But the day is still relatively young. I may buy more today. There are some plastic storage shelves on sale at Grossman's. Now, if they're the same size as the ones at Home Depot, they're a lot cheaper. But then this means I've got to go to the Grossman's and measure them. Do I want to do that. In one way, yes, because I love shopping at hardware and home improvement stores.

Friday, July 12, 2002

Okay. Or should I begin with "I mean"? Listen to people closely. They say "I mean" all the time. Even if they don't have anything to explain. I think "I mean" is the new "like." Where did this come from? Watch people interviewed on TV. They're all saying I mean... what's it all about? I say it all the time, too. I wish I didn't. How can I stop?